"Have a closer look!" - Lucky

“Have a closer look!” – Lucky

Reservations and Scheduling

Reservations are based solely upon dogsRbarkin’s schedule and availability.  It’s recommended that you reserve your services as early as possible, especially around holidays.  Specific times of the day cannot be guarenteed, but shifts can be requested, and we will do our best. For shifting schedules, weekly scheduling can be arranged.

Shift options during our hours:

Mornings – 10:00am to 1:00pm

Afternoons – 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Evenings – 5:00pm to 8:00pm  (higher rates)

Available 7 days a week and holidays!

Service Agreements are required for all clients, no matter the services requested.  They will be reviewed with you in full before any pet services are provided.


The last day of our billing week is Sunday.  Payment for that weeks services is due then.  Weeks run Monday – Sunday (7 days).  Payment options will be set up during your free consultation and are outlined in the service agreement.

Available payment options are:  Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club, or Amex.

When a credit card is put on file, payments will be automatically charged on/after friday for that weeks services.

A $35 fee will be applied to your total – for a returned check.  Payment in full will then be required.

Failure to pay on time may result in suspension/discontinuation of services.

Visit Postponement

If you need your visits postponed for any reason, just let us know and we’ll take you off our schedule.  The earlier you can notify us the better.  Regular visits will be resumed after the postponed date unless you specify otherwise.


Visits can be canceled any time.  However, due to our lack of availability to other clients from your reservation, there is a cancellation charge detailed below.

Cancellation Charges

We arrive to pick up your pet for a service, and you forgot to cancel the appointment.

-Payment in full is charged.

After 5:00pm the day prior to service.
-$5.00 charge for late cancellation.

Before 5:00pm the day prior to service.
-Free of charge.


dogsRbarkin is closed for normal dog walking and playgroups the following holidays:

New Year’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & New Year’s Eve.

If you would like to reserve service for one of these days, please book in advance and be advised holiday/weekend fees apply.  Limited availability.

Discounts & Promotions

We currently offer 5 discounts & promotions.

1.)  Seniors (65+) receive 20% off all services.

2.)  50% off 2nd pet services from same household (Valid on: Wanna Play, Wanna Play Hard, & Lets Hang).  Customers unrelated living in same household/apartment will split discount and each will recieve 25% off service providing both dogs are scheduled for same day and same service.

3.)  Refer a friend and recieve a $25 service credit used for any of our services.
Referred customers must be new clients (having never received any services from dogsRbarkin) and service credit is applied once referred client amounts $25.00 in billings.  There is no current limit on referrals.

4.)  Become a new customer and recieve a $25 service credit used for any of our services.
New clients are customers having never received any services from dogsRbarkin and service credit is applied toward first bill.  This service credit has no cash value and must be used on the first bill.

5.)  Additional dogs in same household are $5 each additional for: Just a Walk.

Inclement Weather

Rain or shine, we’re there to see to your pet’s needs.  If you do not want your dog to be walked during certain weather conditions, please just let us know.  Outdoor pet services may be delayed, shortened, or limited to 15-minute ‘bathroom breaks’ during extreme temperatures, high winds, heavy rain or snow, and other harsh conditions.

*  In the rare circumstance of substancial daytime snowfall or prolonged severe thunderstorms, walks and playgroups may be cancelled if it is unsafe for us to travel to pick up your pet.  We will contact you directly in these circumstances.

Pet Food

It’s up to you to provide us with your pets food and serving instructions where it’s required.


All keys are kept separate from personal information and are marked with only your pets name.  No addresses are listed anywhere on any key tag.

We will not leave keys locked in the home at the end of visits.

We do not leave keys hidden or doors unlocked.  This is strictly for the safety of your home and belongings.

We also do not accept garage door openers in place of a key.  In the event of a power outage, we would not be able to access your home to care for your pets.  If you have a manual garage door, this would be considered leaving a door unlocked and is still a safety risk for your home and pets.

Locked out

We also offer “Locked out” visits free of charge for our regular weekly customers.  If you ever become locked out of your home, we will be able to bring you the copied key you supplied us to gain access to your residence.  Only customers with names on file may use this service.  You must present a valid photo ID with matching address listed to gain access to home.

If at any time you’d like to discontinue service your keys will be mailed back to you via certified mail.  Other arrangements can be made if desired.

Alarm Systems

If you have an alarm system please provide us with detailed instructions on deactivating and reactivating your alarm.  We may require a run through/demonstration on the workings of the system at the time of your free consultation.