Just a Walk

With a group of similar personality/energy level dogs.Walks are Mon- Fri   10am-5pm.




Just a Walk Again

Does your pup need more than one walk during the day?  Boy, do we remember those days.  Ideal for young puppies and elderly dogs.




each additional walk

Just a Walk Late

Know you’re going to be late at the office?  Hot date?  No problem. Walks are available Mon-Fri  5pm-8pm.  Limited availability.




Wanna Play

*Our Most Popular Service!  Your dog will be transported/walked to a local enclosed dog park for some good old fashioned socializing.  This is a great service as your pup will be able to burn off all that pent up energy.  The human to dog ratio is approximately 3:1 to ensure your pups safety and enjoyment.  Water and treats are provided.

1 Hour


Wanna Play Hard

Your dog’s dogs will be barkin!  We will wear them out and keep them entertained and stimulated.  Couple loops around the Sugar Bowl at Castle Island?  Fetch in the park?  Long playgroup with friends?  We’ll know when they’ve had enough!   Water and treats are provided.




Let’s Hang

Our daycare option for those 9 to 5ers that want their dogs around someone for a longer portion of the day.  This is not a day boarding service.  They will be treated as a member of the family and have attention and companionship all day.  We will tailor your dog’s day to their temperament, age, and personality.  Timing is generally 10-4.  Limited availability.




‘Paw’jama Party

Your dog will come spend a night with us.  Food is provided by the client.  Round trip transportation is available and included (Southie area only please).   Extended stays are also available.  By appointment only.

*Subject to additional weekend and holiday fees





Your dog going places?  Vet?  Boarders?  Groomer?  Snoop’s house?  We got the keys.  Boston area please.  By appointment only.

per trip


one way

Dirty Dog!

Your dog will be treated to a good old fashioned bath.  By appointment only.



Our full range of services are available on weekends as well with an additional charge of $5.00 per.  Limited availability.


+normal rate


Our services are available on some listed holidays as well (by appointment only) with an additional charge of $10.00 per.  Limited availability.  Visit our policies page for a list of holidays.


+normal rate

But I have More Dogs

Great!  That makes our lives easier.  Less keys!  Each additional dog is $5 for dog walking services.  Any additional service (playgroups, daycare, overnights) is half price for each additional dog.

Half Price or $5

per dog

(limit 3 total)

Lions, Tigers, & Bears

Well, not quite.  But we do offer in *your* home pet services for cats, fish and birds.  Just let us know what they need and consider it done.




per visit

Anything else?

While we are at your home, we will gladly take in your newspaper and mail.  Water your plants.  Rotate the lights.  Fill the water bowl.  Anything like that, we’re happy to do it.  We are also trained in medication administration (which includes insulin shots). Just let us know what your specific pet needs are.


All services and prices are subject to change with 2 weeks notice to client.

Above prices effective 8/1/16