You got quetions? Einstein's got answers!

You got questions? Einstein’s got answers!

FAQ:  What the Doggy Yo?!

Check out our FAQ below. If you still have questions, feel free to drop us a line.

I already know which services I’m interested in. What’s the next step?
You can contact us here.  Make sure to leave as much detail as possible and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

What areas of Boston do you service?
We currently offer pet services exclusively in South Boston, Ma.

What are dogsRbarkin’s business hours? 

Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday 10am-5pm.

Weekends are also available 10am-5pm.

Extended hours all week are 5pm-7pm.

How much do your services cost?
Costs vary depending on which services you select and when they are provided. Visit our Rates & Services section for details.

There are so many pet service businesses in Southie. What sets you apart from the others?
dogsRbarkin offers a unique and growing list of services at very competitive rates.  We operate exclusively in your neighborhood.  We recognize and are sensitive to the fact that each client and pet has his or her own specific requirements and do our very best to listen, understand, and accommodate them.  A happy tired dog is our goal above all else.  We will go above and beyond to make sure our customers are happy.

Does my dog really need a walker? 
Did you know that most dogs have the energy and strength to travel (on foot) an average of 15 miles a day?  It’s in their nature.  Those dogs who do not get enough exercise often become frustrated (and unhealthy) and often demonstrate destructive, undesirable behaviors such as barking, chewing, anxiety, and digging.  How much exercise does your dog get?

What benefits can I expect? 
Less stress for you and your pet!  You wont have to worry about them or feel guilty when you can’t be there. We’ll provide exercise, companionship, and stimulation while you’re away.  This will result in a healthier, happier dog, both mentally and physically.  Might do something for your mental stress too!  Remember… a tired dog, is a good dog!  

What will you need from me before we can get started?
We’ll need to meet with you and your pet (free of charge).  We want to give both of you the chance to get acquainted with us and to discuss your pet’s personality and requirements.  We will also need to get a copy of the keys to your home and a signed service agreement outlining policies and services.

How will I know how my pets are doing when I’m away from home?
For dog walks and play groups you will receive a daily petReport waiting for you when you arrive home.  We also have a Facebook & Instagram pages where you will see pictures and videos of dRb dogs go about their walks and playgroups.  This was launched late 2012 and has been a huge hit with great client involvement.  For overnights/daycare you will receive email/phone call/text messages updating you on how things are going.

What if I run across an emergency outside of your regular business hours and need help at the last minute?
Call/text us right away. We will try our best to accommodate emergency requests.

Are you insured?
Yes. We feel it is very important for dog walkers to have Dog Walking/Pet Sitting insurance.  For your peace of mind, and ours.

What if my property is damaged?
dogsRbarkin is liable only for damage from our negligence or willful misconduct.  Due to the unpredictability of animals, we cannot accept responsibility for uncontrollable mishaps (such as if your pet chews your furniture or gets in a scrape at playgroup).  Please rest assured we will do everything in our power to keep your pet safe and out of trouble when they are with us, and to follow any special instructions for them while in your home.

How do I make house keys available to my dog walker?
We prefer that you give a set of keys to us during the introductory meet and greet visit.  Other arrangements can be made if necessary.

How do I know my keys will be safe?
We will not list any personal information on the keys other than your pets name.  Keys will be locked up and stored separate from personal information when not being used.

What forms of payment do you accept? How does billing work?
We accept personal check & credit card.  For those clients without a credit card on file, a check left on the last scheduled weekday service is the norm.  Failure to pay may result in suspension of services.

Once I’m a client, how far in advance do I need to book visits?
It depends on what kind of services you’d like to reserve.  For dog walking and play groups, we can usually start right away.  For overnight pet services and holiday reservations please book as far in advance as possible as availability is very limited and will book up fast.

Do I need to sign a service agreement?
Yes. The service agreement grants permission to enter your home and care for your pet(s).  It also states that you agree to our policies, rates, and services.  No services will be provided without a signed service agreement.

What is your cancellation policy?
Any appointments may be cancelled or rescheduled up to 5pm the day before without penalty.  After that, a $5.00 fee will apply.  Cancellations may come in the form of a phone call, text message, or email.  Just get us the word.  For text messages and email cancellations, we will respond letting you know we got the message.

Are there extra costs for holiday visits?
Holiday visits are by appointment only, and assessed an additional $10 fee per service offered.  For a full list of holidays, see our policies above.  Many of the major holidays we are closed for all dog walking and playgroup services.

My dog has been aggressive in the past. Can we still be a client?
This answer really depends on your dog.  Some dogs are great with people, and not so great with other dogs.  Usually we will try to identify a trigger to your dogs aggression and just avoid that scenario completely.  This conversation will happen during the consulation and we can address any issues then.  * However, if there is ever any danger of physical harm to the walker or another dog, then we are unfortunately unable to provide services to your dog.

If your dog demonstrates aggression at playgroup, they will be immediately removed and taken home.

We at dogsRbarkin reserve the right to discontinue service at any time and for any reason.  Our first priority is the safety of our walkers and all clients and their pets.

Still have questions?
Email us at We’d be happy to answer any question you could have.

Contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation!